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This Program Can Make Any Business Profitable In 8 Weeks

Know Your Numbers

It’s a war out there. In any economy, building a small business is a challenge. When the economy declines and revenues shrink the fight for customers and their dollars can be a fight for survival.

Numbers are the language of business. No longer can you expect to be successful without becoming fluent in your numbers.

"Don proved to be a winner. A true pro, very knowledgeable, timely and aggressive for his client. His experience with banks and third party creditors proved invaluable in creating a resolution to my problem.

I highly recommend Don Todrin."

Adapt and Make the Changes

What worked previously will not necessarily work  now, no matter how successful you have been in the past. How do you succeed in this changing down sliding economy? Learning how to lead and leading your employees into becoming a team. That is the change you need to embrace and then your business will change with you, becoming what it needs to be to succeed in today's business world.


Get Out Of Business Debt

  1. Debt Settlement and Restructuring
  2. Turnaround Consulting
  3. Financing

 Debt Settlement & Restructuring - As an alternative to bankruptcy, you can reorganize your business, protect your personal assets and engage your creditors in a business debt settlement discussion to reduce your debts by up to 95%. This is what we do for clients every day.

  • SBA loan workouts and offer in compromise (“OIC”) settlements
  • SBA loan modifications & deferments
  • Commercial secured and unsecured loan settlements
  • Defaulted commercial mortgage debt
  • IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liabilities
  • Equipment Leases
  • Property Leases

My business mission is: Saving families, one business at a time. It's something I believe in and practice every day. It is why I do my work, why I accept nothing but total victory for my clients debt forgiveness, a turnaround and a second chance, creating new leadership skills and team building skills. I know what is at stake and who is at risk, the families of the small business owner, and the families of the employees who are depending on you for their job and the support of their families.

 I have developed my expertise and skills through a lifetime of battle, winning far more than losing and learning much along the way, applying my increased knowledge and experience to each new battle, honing my skills in hand-to-hand small business combat.

For over 35 years I have provided small business owners with a viable alternative to bankruptcy and a second chance at business success.

"I can't say enough about Don and the service he provides. I have recommended clients to Don for his SBA Debt Workout Specialties and will continue to do so in the future. Don is go-to person in the debt workout arena! Keep up the good work Don!"

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