Visioneering Your Business To Outrageous Success

I am writing my fourth book, not clear on what the title will be but I certainly know what it is about: leadership and team building and a process I call visioneering. Visioneering is the process of enrolling your team into taking ownership of your higher purpose vision and with that ownership implement a plan […]

Do You Have A Vision?

So many business owners I speak with do not have a vision for where they are going and why they are doing what they are doing.¬†This is akin to starting a trip and having no idea where you want to go and why you are going there. You would never do that, so why leave […]

Business Bankruptcy Makes Little Sense.

Bankruptcy is a losing concept for small business unless its a chapter 7 you are planning and then it is a pure waste if money in my opinion, let me explain. First of all if you are planning a chapter 11 to reorganize and protect your assets, by filing the business is protected from foreclosure […]

Business Brokers Do This And Win

Debt prevents many things from happening and causes many things to happen that should not. Declining revenue, reduced profitability sometimes is met with a decision to sell the business. The owner wanting to avoid default and foreclosure and personal guaranty issues, decided to sell for the amount of debt. Unfortunately brokers wont take this deal […]

Merger And Acquisition Specialists Do This And Win

Remove debt as part of the Merger and Acquisition plan, without destroying the inherit value of the business itself. No business interruption, no loss of goodwill. Turn businesses that may not be marketable because of debt into businesses that are stars without its debt. No bankruptcy, no legal process, remove secured debt, unsecured debt, any […]

Review Your Payroll, It Is Probably Too High

It is a natural occurrence, it happens all the time, you slowly add positions thinking you are in need, or you are increasing efficiencies by creating administrative positions, to ease the burden of the higher paid employees so they can concentrate on their more valuable aspects of their job, and not be bothered with clerical […]

What Do You Do Sunday Evening?

What do you do Sunday evening, I know what I do as I have done this forever. It is an ingrained habit and one i like to do, as it works for me. I think. Yes I think, plan, plot, and get ready for the week. Contemplating my plans, objectives, wants and needs, looking at […]

Asset Protection – What Are You Waiting For?

Asset protection, it is talked about, thought about but all to often is not put into action. Yes there are very expensive strategies for those with lots to protect, understood. However I suggest that even if you have just a little to protect like your home or some savings, it is even more important to […]