The stories of my clients, revealing their pain, their doubt, and their experience while living through my debt workout strategies. You can learn what they have to say to those business owners in similar predicaments.

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About Don Todrin

dontodrinI currently work out of Second Wind Consultants, the leading force in this country supporting small business owners achieving debt forgiveness and successful turnarounds.

But the real battle front is in creating change at the owners level of a small business, as a team is a reflection of its leadership and if your business is failing, it is your leadership that must change. Removing the debt and adding a great marketing plan does not overcome lack of leadership, and lack of team building. This is the battle ground where victory is achieved.

I have written three books which I distribute for free to anyone who asks for them: "Successfully Navigating The Downturn", and then "Embrace Change", the field guide for business success, revealing my Four Pillar System.  Recently I released my third book describing the why of what I do, called "Saving families One Business At A Time".

I have created and delivered a webinar program built around my Four Pillars which I offer to my workout clients helping them transcend their own leadership shortfalls, and am now a work creating a one day seminar to further my mission of helping business owners and leaders succeed in becoming the leaders they need to be to bring their businesses to the next level of success.

Be it from reading my blog, taking my course, reading my books, listening to my weekly Blog Talk Radio show or hiring Second Wind, my team to directly represent you and your business, this is what I do, effectively point you in the direction of great leadership and team building. When you have accomplished this your business will win.

Recently I was honored with the position of  Master Mentor at the University of Massachusetts Isenburg School Of Management, Center For Entrepreneurship (MVP program) helping students and graduates of the UMass community develop their businesses.

It has taken all these years for me to finally understand what must really happen for a business to succeed: It is all about context, vision, leadership and team building, but really it is about the leaders themselves and helping them transform so they may take ownership of their mission. This is what wins. This is what I do.

I understand what is at risk. I also understand that my job is not done until I have shown you how to be a leader and turn your business into a team. That is victory.

A Call to Arms

I have developed my expertise and skills through a lifetime of battle, winning far more than losing and learning much along the way, applying my increased knowledge and experience to each new battle, honing my skills in hand-to-hand small business combat.

I discovered that the real battle is within the owners mindset. I realize that the true victory occurs when I transform the owner of a business to a leader and his employees into a team and then the business soars and success is assured.

I believe in small business, it is what America is all about. It is who we are. I choose to defend small business owners and their families, and the families of the employees whose jobs we are preserving. My higher purpose is to utilize my battle-sharpened skills to help  small business owners to survive and prosper once again,  to create leaders and teams, not managers and employees. 

I see and feel the pain in small business owners suddenly turned upside down, incapable of continuing and asking endure asking: What happened? What do I do now to save my business, the jobs and the  families? My dreams have been dashed, how do I survive? This is my call to arms. Saving businesses, jobs  and families, one business at a time. Creating leaders and teams that work together to win. This is the final battle front.

Saving Families, One Business At A Time

Small business is the backbone of our country and the foundation supporting our families. It is the source of most jobs, the financial engine of most families, our communities and even the country. In fact, my business mission is: Saving families, one business at a time. It's something I believe in and practice every day. It is why I do my work, why I accept nothing but total victory for my clients debt forgiveness, a turnaround and a second chance, creating new leadership skills and team building skills. I know what is at stake and who is at risk, the families of the small business owner, and the families of the employees who are depending on you for their job and the support of their families.

Debt Relief Services:

I created a non profit division within Second Wind called Debt Relief Services. We help small business owners who have already lost their business and are fighting to keep their homes. We have supported hundreds of small business owners in this battle with no fee whatsoever. Saving families one business at a time.