Business Brokers Do This And Win

debtDebt prevents many things from happening and causes many things to happen that should not.

Declining revenue, reduced profitability sometimes is met with a decision to sell the business. The owner wanting to avoid default and foreclosure and personal guaranty issues, decided to sell for the amount of debt.

Unfortunately brokers wont take this deal because the business is n longer worth the debt it is carrying, so nothing happens. No one wins and everyone loses.

Other times the business may be worth the debt it is carrying and the broker sells and the seller gets nothing from the sale, it all goes to pay off the debt.

What would happen if a debt workout strategy was included in these scenarios removing the debt and reducing the personal guaranties so the business could be sold.

Check it out, it is the only plausible path to take when your business is straddled with unsupportable debt.

Brokers what are you waiting for, introduce this concept to all these sellers whose business you rejected because the debt was worth more then the value of the business.

Sellers, this is the way to go.
Brokers, this is the way to go.

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Don Todrin