Can You leave Your Business And Come Back In A Year And Have It Be Better Then What It Was?

What a great question, can you leave your business for a year and have it be better than what it was before you left?

Few can say yes to this question. Most would never even consider such an option or contemplate such a result. But really isn’t this the description of the business you always wanted to own?

So what does a business owner have to do to accomplish this seemingly impossible dream?

1. Set your context and make certain your managers understand it and take ownership of it. Context,Vision, Mission, all part of where you are going and why you are dong this. If your managers can hold your context they can continue the mission no matter what happens. They will know what to do in the face of change.

2. Delegate with authority and responsibility, so that your managers take ownership of the desired results.

3. Have them inspect each other for delivering on their commitments.

4. Make certain they have key indicators to measure progress and financial reports to measure success, and schedule them for review weekly, monthly quarterly.

4. Set parameters for what you want to have happen and then set them free to take it where they want to go.

Then go away for year and see what happened when you return.

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Don Todrin