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Successfully Navigating the Downturn

No business escapes it. At some point, every business faces a domino-like impact—whether you’re caught in the onset of a cyclical economic downturn, a competitor emerges and takes your market share, or your company expands too fast without enough capital. The path to success can be overwhelming—this is your navigation plan.

Donald Todrin reveals the rules to surviving any downturn and shows you how to recast your business to succeed under even the most challenging circumstances. Armed with solutions, proven strategies, and from-the-trenches advice, learn how to tackle common dilemmas and critical pitfalls, protect against future failure, and even uncover new opportunities to grow.


Embrace Change

Embrace Change is the field guide, the battle plan for how to survive, emerge and succeed in today's business environment. It provides the strategies and tools required to successfully navigate the downturn.

This book was written to be the text book for implementing the Second Wind Four Pillar Turnaround and Workout program. Tried and tested, it works.

The book shows you what must be done to create a successful business organization and then explains the Four Pillar System. Each chapter ends with a series of revealing exercises pinpointing where your business is now and takes you to where it needs to go to be successful.

While designed as the text book supporting Dons Course, it is a classic on its own and will lead you to self directed success



Your crystal ball:

Downloadable cash flow proforma spreadsheets for you and your business. Click here to download files.


Saving Families One Business At A Time

Tales From The Front Lines

The stories of our clients, revealing their pain, their doubt, and their experience while living through our workout strategies, what they have to say to those business owners in similar predicaments.

The stories from our workout strategists engineering the workouts, what they have learned along the way.

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