Download the Proforma & Other Docs

In these spreadsheets you will find:
1. Second Wind Pro Forma
2. Personal Budget Spreadsheet
3. Second Wind Cash Management Workbook
Download the Pro Forma with all Attachments

The Four Pillar Turnaround System

A field guide for “Successfully Navigating the Downturn” your corporate structure—Before You Start

Pillar One: Management By The Numbers
Pillar Two: Reinvention
Pillar Three: Internet Marketing
Pillar Four: The Workout

This guide is derived from many years of experience and designed based on today’s realities, our current economy and business environment. It works. We know this because we have implemented it successfully and have tested its effect on the ground with our small business clients, where it matters.

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Mitigation Without Litigation

A Step By Step Guide to Settling Your Credit Card Debt and Avoiding the Hassle of Litigation

1. Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Credit Card Workout?
2. What are my other options?
3. Overview of The Settlement Process
4. Creditors’ Rights & The Legal Process
5. Building Settlement Funds
6. Dealing with Your Creditors
7. Keeping a “Positive Settlement Mindset”
8. The Settlement Life Cycle
9. Finalizing the Settlement
10. Life After Debt Settlement


1.Personal Financial Statement
2. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
3. Monthly Operating Statement “Smith’s Family Budget”
4. Cease Communications Letter
5. Creditor Tracking Sheet “Creditor Tracking”
6. Creditor Settlement Benchmarks.
7. Sample Creditor Acceptance Letter!(A&B).
8. Credit Reporting Agency Dispute Letter

Download the eBook with all Attachments