Battle Ready Strategies

It’s a war out there. In any economy, building a small business is a challenge. When the economy declines and revenues shrink, the fight for customers and their dollars can be a fight for survival. Yet, if you blame the economy or come up with any other excuse why your business is not flourishing, then you aren’t fighting effectively for your companies survival, emergence and success.

You make or break your own business. Take responsibility. Look around and you will see there are businesses doing very well. Why you ask? Because they are in action with viable plans and good business practices that result in growing sales and profits. They adapt and change. 

There are successful businesses opening and operating in every economy, every day, every season, every year that are located next door to failures. If you truly believe success or failure is a function of external forces, you are doomed, as external forces always happen and are typically out of your control. Since we cannot control these factors but can control our own business practices, we must direct our energies towards that which we can control as we chart our business course to embrace necessary and appropriate changes.