Visioneering Your Business To Outrageous Success

boardI am writing my fourth book, not clear on what the title will be but I certainly know what it is about:

leadership and team building and a process I call visioneering.

Visioneering is the process of enrolling your team into taking ownership of your higher purpose vision and with that ownership implement a plan to deliver the results to fulfill the vision.

Thats a whole lot to take in.  Some key words to decipher:

Vision: why you are doing this, what your higher purpose is, what is your motivation.

Enrollment: getting the team to take ownership of your vision, to accept it as their own, to understand the why and identify with it.

Higher purpose: Not about you, but about serving a selfless bigger result

Ownership: the act of making it yours, not just committing but doing whatever it takes to achieve the results.

Collectively these words describe the act of visioneering, what leaders do to lead successfully.

Read the book, it explains it all. It is the way to build and dun an outrageously successful business.

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Don Todrin