What Do You Do Sunday Evening?

What do you do Sunday evening, I know what I do as I have done this forever. It is an ingrained habit and one i like to do, as it works for me.

I think.

Yes I think, plan, plot, and get ready for the week. Contemplating my plans, objectives, wants and needs, looking at my schedule and getting in touch with my objectives. I have done this every Sunday evening for as long as I can remember. No visitation, no social events, unless I must, just quiet thinking.

It sets the stage for the week, helps me get ready and prepared. I typically send out a few emails to setup various actions to my key employees or clients or whomever I have in my line of fire. I write, or blog.

I set the stage for me to hit the ground fully prepared, at least as best I can be. Of course once the first shot is fired Monday morning, the agenda gets thrown into the fire and all bets are off, but going into the week with an agenda, a plan, a visual and mental context, allows me to feel on top of my game.

My wife and I have developed a little humor around this as I alway state with full conviction every Sunday for many many years, ” it’s going to be a big week, this week,” she laughs and reminds me I have said this every week for thirty years, and so I have, and so it is true, for me every week is a big week, and I must prepare for it.

Yes, it is going to be a big week this week, I can’t wait for it to unfold, I am ready.

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Don Todrin